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10 days of Givology

2018 marks the 10th year of Givology! Truly, the students scholarships, library and computer lab renovations, teacher training, empowerment programs, among many more education projects that we’ve done over the last 10 years wouldn’t be possible with YOU our supporters and our volunteers.
During this holiday season and reflecting back on how education has changed our lives, we all have so much to be grateful for. Think of a teacher who transformed the way you think, the networks that you have created through your schools, and the career opportunities that opened as a result of your education. Now we have a chance to pay it forward by supporting education projects and student scholarships globally through Givology’s network of high-impact grassroots partners.
To celebrate 10 years of Givology, we have 10 days of activities starting from Thanksgiving and spanning to December 1st. Here’s an outline of events.
[b]November 22, 2018 (Day 1) - Day of Thanks[/b]
Thanksgiving is a day of thanks! On social media, we’ll share stories of gratitude from our network of students, schools, chapters, and volunteers
[b]November 23, 2018 (Day 2) - Education Facts[/b]
What is the state of global education today? We’ll be releasing facts on the hour about the progress achieved to date, as well as the key areas that still remain unaddressed
[b]November 24, 2018 (Day 3) - Givology Giveaways[/b]
Our Amazon book ([url=]#GiveInspiration: How to Give Effectively[/url]) is free today! Also for any donation over $20 on our site, we will send out complimentary Givology gifts, including Givology T-shirts and 100% recycled leather wallets.
[b]November 25, 2018 (Day 4) - Volunteer Drive[/b]
[url=]Pledge to volunteer with Givology! [/url]Our philosophy is that time is just as valuable as money and that small hours and small hours aggregate into a powerful force of change. On social media, we’ll also share stories from our volunteer network.
[b]November 26, 2018 (Day 5) - #giveinspiration [/b]
It’s our day of positivity! We’ll be sharing inspiring quotes and stories from thought leaders in education who we admire greatly. For each ‘share’ of our posts, a board member has pledged to donate 10 cents. We’ll tally the final amount and let everyone know the final amount raised!
[b]November 27, 2018 (Day 6) - #givingtuesday and 100% matching [/b]
Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, and has since become a nation-wide movement. For our #givingTuesday campaign, we’re matching donations 100% on Givology and asking donors to share their reflections of giving back on social media. For anyone who shares, we’ll send a $5 gift card.
[b]November 28, 2018 (Day 7) - Featuring Chapters and In-Kind Technology Donations [/b]
Our chapters are critical to the work that we do in the community. We’ll feature stories from our chapters and encourage supporters to start their own Givology chapters. We are also looking to collect used laptops, tablets, calculators, e-readers, and other classroom technology items in good condition, with drop off points at our chapters.
[b]November 29, 2018 (Day 8) - Official Snapchat launch[/b]
Givology is now on Snapchat! We’ll kick off our Snapchat with stories from our partner and volunteer network.
[b]November 30, 2018 (Day 9) - Givology Tweetchat with Co-Founders[/b]
Our co-founders Joyce and Jenn will be on Twitter from 3 PM EDT to 5 PM EDT. You can ask us anything! Just send us questions or comments with the tag #givchat on Twitter and then follow the responses that follow from the Givology account.
[b]December 1, 2018 (Day 10) - Milestone Recap[/b]
Thank you so much for a great 10 years, but we are even more fired up for the next 10 years to come. We’re releasing a montage of milestones from the last 10 years, and hope that you can all share ideas and suggestions for the next 10 years.


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