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Featured Student: Guijun Ma from The Peach Foundation

Written by Frida Herrera, Givology Intern
Some of us have felt lucky. We feel great when we find some spare change under the couch, or when we find that shirt we were looking for. For some others, being lucky means the difference whether their most basic needs will be met or not. In this a case, [url=]Guijun Ma[/url] has been lucky to continue his education with [url=]The Peach Foundation[/url].
[url=]Guijun Ma[/url] lives in the Shuhe Village, located in a rural Chinese mountain area. There is only one narrow path for livestock to walk on – the only way to enter and exit the village. Guijun has been walking on this road for the past four years, for he has to commute about 60 miles to get to school.
Guijun's household comprises 5 members. His parents work as farmers, and his family income is not enough to ensure that all children will go to school; Guijun is the lucky one. He understands that he has been given a wonderful opportunity, and he is very grateful for the support of his family, teachers and donors.
Guijun hopes to keep studying and finish high school. He plans to work extremely hard, and use his knowledge to pay back his supporters. Guijun knows that he will remain indebted to the donors that made him feel lucky.
Givology, in partnership with [url=]The Peach Foundation[/url], can help Guijun’s grant last for two more years. This means that he will be able to finish high school. [url=]His grant is only $140 away from being fully funded, and will cover tuition, supplies and transportation costs.[/url] We sincerely hope you consider supporting Guijun. Even if you choose not to make a financial contribution, we still urge you to send him a message will encourage him to stay in school.
[b][url=]Get inspired by Guijun, and make him feel even luckier with your support![/url][/b]
A wonderful message from Guijun:
"Thank you for your support and encouragement.
Don’t give up, nothing is impossible!! We have to work hard to change what can be changed and learn to accept what cannot be changed. In the future, our lives will be more colorful. After the rain, we will have the rainbow.
Suffering is not permanent because we have warmth and love that others don’t possess. It's impossible that suffering can't be changed. You just have to try hard and tomorrow will be better, right?
Thank you all at Givology. It’s you who hold our hands and help us face problems bravely. It’s you who support us and encourage us to fly."
Guijun Ma 03/05/2010

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