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Volunteer Spotlight: Vandana Subramanian

Vandana Subramanian, a computer science major at Carnegie Mellon University, balances multiple roles as a core member of the Givology volunteer team. As the Chief Development Officer (CDO) and podcast interviewer for the Givology Impact Series, Vandana can be found working anywhere from coordinating recruitment and the onboarding process to featuring education leaders around the world in podcasts.

A native to Northern Virginia/ DC area, Vandana was able to take advantage of the ample diversity of the educationational opportunities while growing up. In particular, she pointed out the heavy influence that her parents and teachers had on her-- “especially in cultivating my love for learning,” she said. As a result, she developed a strong conviction towards quality education for all, the motivation behind her devotion towards Givology.

Vandana’s involvement with Givology started as an intern on the tech team. “It gave me a hands-on opportunity to learn about how a non-profit functions,” she said. Her continued dedication since then led her to the role of CDO she is today.

In addition, Vandana has interviewed speakers for the Givology Impact Series podcasts, featuring international changemakers in education. Vandana ascribed the podcasts as a mechanism for interested organizations to acquaint with the core mission of Givology through listening to inspiring speakers who are helping their communities and measuring their results. She learns much about her interviewees through the podcasts: “It’s also nice way to see how organizations use impact evaluation to assess the efficacy of the work and maximize impact per dollar donated,” she said.

Vandana attributes Givology’s success to the commitment displayed within the volunteer team, an observation that influences her selection criteria when recruiting. “We’re making an effort to focus not only on recruiting great talent, but also retaining talent,” she said.

Vandana described volunteering with the Givology team as a way for her to employ her expertise for a greater cause. “From the letters we receive from students we support to conversations with other nonprofit executives about how education has transformed lives and communities, it’s been a really inspiring experience,” she said.

“Givology is making a difference, and that’s something I proud to be a part of,” she added.

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