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Grassroot Organizations

Grassroot Organizations

At Givology we connect with grassroots organizations across globe that impact the community through education and other basic needs for kids. We publish their high priority projects and help raise funds to fulfill their goals. Grassroot partners play important role at Givology. Let's examine what are grassroot organizations and what are the benefits of working with such organizations.

Grassroots means: the common or ordinary people. Grassroot organizations or groups start locally. They form to address the specific cause which will impact the people in that locale. The tasks of the organization are usually done by volunteers. They motivate community members to get involved and take responsibility. These organizations employ bottom-up decision-making approach. They are powerful in bringing public attention to the issues.


Interactive: This kind of engagements create two-way relationship. They are direct link to the projects we donate to. We get regular updates on the status of the project which will help monitor the impact. We can achieve more transparency through grassroot organizations.

Local: As we reach across the globe, working grassroots organizations will help us to have better communication with the students we are helping. Being a local these organizations put a human face to our mission increasing the personal connections and trust. This will enhance the interaction between students and donors.

Scalable and Sustainable: Grassroot organizations are engines behind Givology. They are the connecting link between our vision and true educational needs around the world.Through these field partners we can reach more and more communities. They help us identify high impact projects.
These engagements are built on strong relationships and trust. Once that is established, they are easy to sustain also we can have tremendous long-term results.

For example the organization called ‘Amar Seva’ from Jaipur, India serves rural communities and slum areas in Jaipur. This grassroot organization runs a school to provide quality education to poor children and women. It also facilitates skill based activities to empower women. By donating to their ‘Long Term School Fund’ project, Givology provided long-term financial support to the organization. Through this partnership we could reach a community far far away and also were able to track the impact via the letters and pictures received.

As explained above partnering with grassroot educational organizations around the world benefits Givology immensely in achieving its mission.

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