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#GivologyGrads: Tanzanian Childrens Fund

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[/font][color=#669900]The Tanzanian Children's Fund (TCF)[/color] is dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized children in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania. The Rift Valley Children's Village (RVCV or the Children's Village) was created in 2003 to provide a loving home and a life of opportunity for orphaned children. Today, almost 100 children lead happy, healthy lives at the Children's Village. They receive far more than food, clothing, and shelter; each child at the Children's Village grows up securely knowing that they are loved and that they are an integral part of this unique community. They are not up for adoption; the Children's Village is their permanent family, nurturing them to become productive citizens and future leaders of Tanzania.
Although the Children's Village is their main commitment, they recognize that the most effective ways to improve outcomes for marginalized children is to strengthen the communities in which they live. Recognizing the complex nature of the challenges facing the wider community in which it operates, TCF and RVCV has taken an innovative, multi-pronged approach to combating poverty and improving the lives of marginalized children throughout the region.

[font=Arial][color=#0099ff][b]THE PROJECTS [/b][/color][/font]
[font=Arial][color=#669900]Feed RVCV's Growing Youngsters: [/color][/font]
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[i]Young boys in Manyara House eating with their House Mother Mama Koko. [/i]
The Rift Valley Children's Village provides a permanent, loving home for 97 marginalized children and young adults. Children live in houses according to age and gender with three Tanzanian "Mamas" who help raise these young children.
-Manyara House is home to 11 young boys, ranging in age from 5 to 12.
-Serengeti House is home to our young girls, ranging in ages 6 to 15.
At RVCV, they want all of their kids to experience a happy and healthy childhood, which means never having to wonder where their next meal will come from. RVCV's 7 houses provide their children with nutritional meals and high protein snacks. You can help their kids grow healthy and strong so they are on their way to becoming Tanzania's next generation of doctors, tour guides, accountants, and lawyers!
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[i]Gyetighi Primary School Lunch program[/i]
Young RVCV primary school students are just beginning their education and RVCV wants to ensure that they have all the tools needed to succeed. Many of their children are preparing for the Standard 4 and Standard 7 National Exam which will determine their plans for secondary school education. With nights and weekends spent studying, these kids definitely need to get a good night's sleep and a nutritious meal to stay focused.
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[b]The Graduates[/b]
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Raif - "Raif (4) is our youngest child at the Children's Village. Raised by three house mothers and 10 brothers and sisters, Raif needs nutritious meals to stay focused and prepare for his first year of Kindergarten next year! With a smile that is sure to charm any visitor or volunteer, Raif's strong English skills and endless energy, we are confident that Raif will excel at Gyetighi Primary School."
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Raymondi (12) - "Raymondi is the oldest child in Manyara House, where he lives with his 10 younger brothers! Ray's imagination, enthusiasm, and intelligence has positioned him as Top 5 in his class in for 3 years in a row. As a Standard 5 student (5th grade), Raymondi is growing fast and needs more food than most of the boys in his house to stay fit and focused!"
[color=#669900]Send High School Graduates to College[/color]
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Less than 10% of Tanzanian students attend higher education! As children grow, their expenses do too. At RVCV, they encourage their children to dream big and reach for their dreams of becoming tour guides, doctors, and entrepreneurs!.
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In Tanzania, employers often only consider applicants with college or university degrees, preventing the majority of Tanzania's youth from earning a sustainable wage. If given the opportunity to attend higher education, the students at RVCV have the best chance of providing for their future families and impacting marginalized populations within Tanzania. Graduating from Secondary School is a momentous accomplishment within itself, and with help, these students can achieve so much more!

[b]The Graduates[/b]

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William Wayda - "William is a recent Form 4 graduate, who scored in the highest Division (Division 1) on his Form 4 National Exam. From a young age, William has always had a passion for helping people, especially within our RVCV community. William dreams of becoming a doctor so that he improve the healthcare system in Tanzania and make sure that even rural communities have access to physicians. Help William achieve his dream!"
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Fatuma Ramadhani -"Fatuma recently graduated from Oldeani Secondary School in December 2018. Growing up at RVCV, Fatuma formed close relationships with our organization's social workers, which inspired her to pursue this line of work. Fatuma is hoping to study Early Childhood Education so that she can understand ways to help Tanzania's impoverished youth."

[b][color=#0099ff]Want to play a part in supporting Raif, Raymondi and other graduates of TCF in this milestone?:[/color][/b]
-[color=#669900][b]Donate[/b][/color] via paypal ( and include a note to the student you want to fund. They will be transcribed and shared with students at the end of the campaign! They love receiving words of encouragement!
-[color=#669900][b]Share[/b][/color] this opportunity with friends, family, and fellow grads using #GivologyGrads
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Want some more inspiration? Check out a previous interview we did with Peggy Wiles Bacon, Director of the Tanzanian Children's Fund.

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