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#GivologyGrads: VietHope

[color=#669900][b]VietHope[/b] [/color]is a long time partner of Givology and we are very excited to feature their Youth Development Program (YDP) and Merit Scholarship Program (MSP) in our [b][color=#669900]#GivologyGrads[/color][/b] campaign.
Like us, VietHope survives and thrives on volunteer work and with the constant motivation that small steps toward a bigger goal can lead to amazing success. In fact, it’s built in their logo of small dashes growing larger. Their mission is amazing. Here it is from their site: “our mission is to empower financially disadvantaged students in Vietnam to access education and rise out of poverty.”
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“VietHope was founded in 2002 by a group of university students in the Boston area. What began as an informal discussion about Vietnam evolved into a circle of friendship. VietHope’s founders believed that development must be based on long-term and sustainable results, and that people and human capital development are necessary for such results. VietHope shares the dream that every child in Vietnam will grow up with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. With our help, these students will beat the odds.They will create a better world for themselves, their families and their communities.”
This sounds like a story and team we want to be a part of!
For this campaign, we want to highlight two terrific VietHope students who would benefit greatly from our donations to help them continue their education and soon graduate! Huynh Huu Minh and Nguyen Thai Loc are current students at VietHope, their story is below.
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[font=Arial]So what are these programs that have brought these individuals together?[/font]

[font=Arial][color=#669900]Merit Scholar Program[/color][/font]
[font=Arial]MSP helps students grades 6-12 who could not otherwise be able to afford school. In Vietnam, this is the leading reason for students dropping out. Many are aware that families often need to rely on children’s income to survive, let alone be able to invest in their education. The Merit Scholarship Program was created to combat this issue and help many young Vietnamese children get an education. [/font]
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[i]2014 by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)[/i]

Here is how VietHope takes on the challenge:
[color=#669900]OUR APPROACH[/color]
[font=Arial][color=#0099ff]The Merit Scholarship Program[/color][/font]
The Merit Scholarship Program’s goal is to help students stay in school and continue their education rather than having to begin working or farming early. The program provides $120 USD scholarships to students once each school year. This amount is sufficient to cover expenses such as school fees, books, uniforms and transportation. The scholarships are renewable up to 12th grade, as long as the recipient continues to perform well in school and experience financial hardship.
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Learn more about the MSP here: [font=Arial][/font]
[color=#0099ff]Youth Development Program:[/color]
YDP is a 7-day summit organized by VietHope to help teach Vietnamese students practical skills that a textbook could not. The success has been marvelous, and the YDP is approaching its 10-year anniversary
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[color=#669900]OUR OUTCOMES:[/color]
Pre-and-post survey analyses always show that after 7 days of the program, over 90% of the participants experienced a growth in self-confidence when speaking in front of a group, leading a project, and collaborating with people they did not know well. Our Youth Development Program alumni have gone on to create and sustain their own youth-led organizations in Can Tho, and Saigon.
Over the last 8 years of implementing the YDP Summit, we have hosted 240 students.
-In 2016, we hosted 29 Vietnamese students, 20 VietHope volunteers at Can Gio District, Saigon. This is also the first time we expanded this program to Hue city with 25 Vietnamese students and 21 volunteers.
-In 2015, we hosted 29 Vietnamese students, 20 VietHope volunteers at Can Gio District, Saigon.
-In 2014, we hosted 30 Vietnamese students, 19 VietHope volunteers at Can Gio District, Saigon.
-In 2013, we hosted 24 Vietnamese students, a 5-year reunion of YDP alumni and VietHope volunteers, organized at Can Gio District, Saigon.
-In 2012, we hosted 22 Vietnamese students, 18 Viethope volunteers, 1 American student, organized at Can Gio District, Saigon.
-In 2011, we hosted 25 Vietnamese students, 15 Viethope volunteers, organized at Can Tho.
-In 2010, we hosted 23 Vietnamese students, 17 Viethope volunteers, organized at Can Gio District, Saigon.
-In 2009, we hosted 27 Vietnamese students, 20 Viethope volunteers, 5 American students, organized at Cu Chi and Hoc Mon Districts, Saigon.
You can check out more about the program here: [url=][/url]
[b]We really hope you take some time to learn more about the students, programs, and our partner, VietHope. If you would like to help, please get involved![/b]
-[color=#669900][b]Donate[/b][/color] via paypal ( and include a note to the student you want to fund. They will be transcribed and shared with students at the end of the campaign! They love receiving words of encouragement!
-[color=#669900][b]Share[/b][/color] this opportunity with friends, family, and fellow grads using #GivologyGrads
For more information check out the Givology Instagram!
[color=#0099ff]Want some more inspiration? Check out a previous interview we did with Anh Tran, President of VietHope[/color]

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