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Top Ten Documentaries

Documentaries are important way to learn more about the issues in our world today. Here are our top ten picks!
1.Time for School

The documentary made by PBS follows children in Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India, and Kenya as they start school. The documentary film started filming these kids in 2003 on their first day of school and continued to film them for 12 years throughout their educational career. The children fought to attend school despite the obstacles such as poverty, child labor, and war chaos surrounding their countries.
2. We Will Rise

[font=" times="" new="" roman"]The CNN documentary follows world leaders and activists as they travel through Liberia and Morocco to meet girls battling to get an education. The girls sit down with Michelle Obama and discuss their stories and bring light to women’s education. The documentary includes stories from Meryl Streep and Hanene, a thirteen year old girl, talking about challenges in her community to a town hall meeting with young girls in Morocco.[/font]
3. He Named Me Malala

The documentary illustrates the story of Malala Yousafzai, a nobel peace prize winner, and how she fought for education rights. Malala has become an international symbol advocating for children’s education.
4. Half the Sky

Based on the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, the documentary follows activists as they journey through 10 different countries. The documentary details the lives of women in the countries such as problems with prosititution and maternal mortality. Also, the documentary presents options to empower the women by providing education, health care, and economic solutions.
5. Daughters of Destiny

The documentary features five girls from different age groups from the lowest caste group in India and living in an impoverished neighborhood. The documentary is filmed over seven years and highlights the girls lives as the go to the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a boarding school which provides 24 preschoolers free education till the 12th grade. The project demonstrates the ability of girls to still be academically successful regardless of their caste.
6. The Great Day

In the sequel to the documentary On the Way to School, filmmaker Plisson documents the lives of impoverished children facing different challenges. The documentary includes stories of children such as Nidhi from India who is studying to be accepted into a prep school and Tom from Uganda practicing to pass the Ranger exams.
7. SOS Africa Children's Charity

This documentary features the SOS Africa’s project called the Western Cape Education Project. The filmmaker captures the lives of the children in the charity. The film helps bring the viewers in the shoes of the children in South Africa working through the education program.
8. How to Build a School in Haiti

The film series follows the challenges of a charity to build a new school in Haiti. The 2010 earthquake, resulting in devastating impacts on the country, had two journalists go and donate rice to the rural communities. While providing rice to impoverished areas, the journalists were shocked when they say the condition of the community of Villard. The documentary films the journalist trying to build a new school in Villard and analyzes the impact of his work.
9. [url=]Wake Up World[/url]
The documentary by Vanessa Redgrave shows the history of UNICEF and its progress for the children of the world. As a child during WWII herself, Redgrave is able to provide a personal perspective on the children UNICEF aided from their beginnings. The documentary demonstrates UNICEF’s commitment to help children from their dire situations.
10. Women are the Answer

This documentary presents an association between educating women and decreasing climate change. The film urges to provide education for women through secondary school which would result in a lowering of the population growth. The documentary is set in southern India and analyzes the birth rates, health care, and the education system.

Bonus! Check out this [url=]photographer[/url] from Australia working with UNICEF to photograph the lives of children living in the poorest regions of the world and presenting their stories.

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