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Student Spotlight: Benjamin Nougnito

Written by Frida Herrera, Givology Intern
[i][url=]Benjamin[/url] needs a faster way to get to school. Every day he has to walk 8km to get to school, and another 8km to come back home. Despite the long walk, he is not discouraged. He keeps walking towards a better future. [/i]
[url=]Benjamin Nougnito[/url] is an enthusiastic young man from Benin, Africa. Benjamin lost his father when he was a little boy. His older brother has taken over the duty of providing for the family of 8. Benjamin’s mother is sick and can barely take care of herself. Despite his family’s situation, Benjamin continues to walk 8km to get to school. Benjamin knows the importance of a good education; he understands that an education will help him get a better job and help his older brother provide for the family. Benjamin loves to go to school and play soccer after class. After his is done with his studies, he hopes to become a police officer.
[url=]The Cercle Social[/url], in partnership with Givology, will help Benjamin stay in school. Benjamin is very smart and has been part of the honor roll. He reached out to The Cercle Social for help, for he was about to drop out. With your generous support, you will help Benjamin afford his school expenses like tuition, supplies and every a bicycle to make the commute easier and faster. [b][url=]His grant only needs $105 to be complete. Get inspired by Benjamin and get him get faster to school in a new pair of wheels![/url][/b]

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