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Project Spotlight: The Kibera School for Girls Arts Education Program

Written by Frida Herrera, Givology Development Intern
Givology is very proud to be supporting the [url=]Kibera School of Girls Art Education Program[/url]. Our partner [url=]Shining Hope for Communities[/url] is an organization that works in Kenyan poor areas, and has founded the Kibera School for Girls. Their main focus is to provide opportunities of education, gender equality and community empowerment.
In past years, the Kibera School of Girls has offered many programs to girls from education to health services. Today, they have around 63 students, and they are looking forward to expand. The purpose of the [url=]Art Program[/url] is to introduce Kenyan girls to the world of arts, and help them explore the world of creativity and imagination. As well, the [url=]Art Program[/url] hopes to encourage girls to be proud of their culture, and discover their abilities.
In developing countries like Kenya, areas of extreme poverty are widespread, and it in these areas that women and girls are not seen as equals, and often abused and neglected. The ultimate goal of the [url=]Kibera School for Girls[/url] is to help girls discover how valuable and important they are. [b]Shining Hope for Communities believes that the fight against urban poverty starts with every girl.[/b] Let us share with you some cool facts about this important Givology project:

The Kibera School for Girls Art Program needs the help of generous donors. The school is currently expanding, and plans for a new building are on the horizon. A new building means more space for girls to attend school. As well, the Art Program needs more funding to have a more art and dance classes. [b][url=]Givology wants to grant $3500 to this program. At the moment, we are $3,270 away from our goal.[/url][/b] We encourage you to make a donation, no matter how small, to this program.

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