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Four reasons to join the Givology core team!

Working with Givology is a rewarding experience. Here are four reasons why [i]you [/i]should consider joining the team!
1. [i]As a volunteer, you can contribute as much free time as you have or wish. [/i]Whether it's five minutes or five hours, there are great opportunities to join in on some of projects and truly make a difference. All contributions are truly valued at Givology!
2. [i]There are also several internship opportunities for those who want to get even more involved. [/i]We are always looking for new interns to join in. In new interns, we look for any students or professionals with a strong interest in our organization, and the application process is simple and straightforward.
3. [i]By working with Givology, you can truly make a difference and help others through our various projects. [/i]If Givology's mission speaks to you, then chances are you would find working with Givology meaningful. Many team members find working towards our cause quite rewarding.
4. [i]Time and effort truly benefit our organization![/i] Without our many dedicated team members, we would certainly not have come this far! Our people drive the action.
Don't hesitate to explore the "Get Involved" button above. This page contains some of the opportunities at Givology. We hope you consider joining!

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