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Day 11 Student: Regina S from Liberia

Only 49 days left in the Givology countdown until the unofficial end of summer! With your donation of any size, you can help us reach our goal of fully funding these students before the school year starts!

Day 12 Student: Regina S

11 year-old Regina from Monrovia, Liberia, was found sleeping on a dirty cement floor in a coal warehouse where rats and cockroaches play. She had no blanket and only owned the ripped t-shirt she wore. Her mother has a mental health illness and her father passed away during the war.

In 2004, Regina moved in with a foster mother, Florence, in Sinkor. Regina and Florence were connected through More than Me. Regina is now attending school through a scholarship by the organization.

As of 7/20/2011, Regina is $250 away from having her education fully funded.

Helping Regina

To learn more about how you can help Regina, click here.

To learn more about the organization supporting Regina's education, More than Me, click here.

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