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Givology's Countdown Until the Unofficial End of Summer Continues: 21 Days Left

Only 21 days left in the Givology countdown until the unofficial end of summer! With your donation of any size, you can help us reach our goal of fully funding these students before the school year starts!

Day 39 Student: John

John came to Givology partner Flying Kites in June 2010 and walked straight out to the football (soccer) pitch. Acting as if he’d been waiting his whole life to play, John only wants to put his football away when a movie is playing. His favorite movie (currently) is Home Alone, and he believes that the book The Giving Tree should be made into a movie. John spends most Saturdays participating in Flying Kite's community outreach program, and he loves helping local children find shoes that fit.

Helping John

To learn more about how you can help support John's education, click here.

To learn more about the Givology partner supporting John's education, Flying Kites, click here.

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