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Givology's Countdown Until the Unofficial End of Summer Continues: 15 Days Left

Only 15 days left in the Givology countdown until the unofficial end of summer! With your donation of any size, you can help us reach our goal of fully funding these students before the school year starts!

Day 45 Student: Evahline Wambui Wangechi

Evahline was born in the Othaya district of Kenya to a single mother. In addition to caring for her children, Evahline's mother was the primary caregiver for her sister, who was living with HIV. One day, while on a trip to visit her sister in the hospital (her sister was being treated for an opportunistic infection), Evahline’s mother arrived to find that her sister had passed away in the evening. This caused Evahline's mother to faint and go into shock, and subsequently die herself. This left Evahline and her older brother Eric (also listed on Givology) with no family to support them.

Helping Evahline

To learn more about how you can help support Evahline's education, click here.

To learn more about the Givology partner supporting Evahline's education, Baraka Children's Centre, click here.

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