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My name is Grace Nakisozi. I am eight years old and the youngest child in my family. My family and I live in the village several miles away from the Circle of Peace School. I have one sister. Her name is Jessica, and she is nine years old. Several years ago, my father was eaten by a crocodile as we were getting water from the river. After I saw the crocodile eat my father, I was in shock and could not speak or hear for six months. I am starting to hear and speak again; however, it is very difficult. Soon after my father died, my mother passed away after she became really sick. Now I live with my grandmother who raises me and my brother and sister. My sister and I help my grandmother pick food.

I love to go to the Circle of Peace School because I want to have a better life and be better able to help my family, like the other students at my school. The Circle of Peace School is my new family, and I promise to work hard in school. My dream is to build a well for my village so that my friends and family do not risk their lives fetching water. I am so grateful for Grandma Amina and the people from the America for helping me reach my dreams.

Note: Circle of Peace School is a private school serving orphans and other children unable to afford the costs of attending public schools. As such, it receives no funding from public resources. Located in a suburb of Uganda’s capital city Kampala, the school is in a highly urban setting and must pay for water and sanitation services as well as teacher salaries and facilities. School Supplies include a school uniform, other clothing (underwear and after school clothing), hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, haircuts, etc) medical care, transportation, and entertainment (sports equipment, musical instruments). Educational materials include text books, lights for studying at night, pencils, paper, etc. Room and board includes bedding, three meals a day seven days a week, and 24/7 adult supervision.


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