The Global Peace Exchange was started in August of 2006 as a student organization at Florida State University to coordinate and expand the service-based exchange opportunities for students throughout the world. The mission was to create sustainable, grassroots development projects through student exchanges. The effect would be two-fold: Not only would local communities receive benefit at the grassroots level, but students would also be exposed to opportunities in the humanitarian field. Operating under the auspices of The Claude Pepper Center for Intercultural Dialogue at Florida State University and the United Nation’s Alliance of Civilizations, GPE functions to foster the construction of a new civilization founded on mutual cooperation and understanding to support development and peace in the world. Building upon a network of linked universities, students travel and work on projects with partner universities in the various regions of the world. They also participate in structured educational programs to provide them with a knowledge of global issues and development ideology. The hope is that students achieve a shared understanding of the common human struggle to survive, a moral and ethical education about the issues affecting a particular area or culture, and the hope to aid in the building of a new “civilization” of humanity. The best way to achieve these goals among the youth of today lies in service, as actions will always speak louder than words.


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