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Maintenance and installation of elevators
* There are currently a lot of high buildings, which consist of more than ten roles, and may be more than that may reach up to 20 roles so can not man soaring to the high buildings such as taking the ladder
There must be an electric elevator in which the transfer of individuals from the role of the desired role
Therefore, many people resorted to the installation of lifts in the house to facilitate the process of evacuation and descent of the building, and save time and effort, which will be made if the ladder
In particular, there may be people who suffer from taking peace as an escalator. Due to the importance of elevators, it is now a basic requirement especially with the spread of high towers. Most of our buildings have become towers, so they need elevators. Elevators, like anything electrical, It may suffer any malfunction, and if it suffers from the holidays it needs to be repaired and be started permanently and that the work of repairs and maintenance, so as not to cause any malfunction
* How to get an elevator for the building and the house
- Search for the best companies for electrical elevators, and be specialized in the installation
- The price and space required and desired according to the need of the building, and according to the size of the building and the space available at the entrance to the building, there is a building requires one and the other requires 2 people
- Elevator consumption is determined by energy
- The elevator occupies space from the space of the house, and the space available to him at home
- Once the elevator needs to be maintained
Based on this, the best companies for electrical elevators are searched through the quality of the services provided by the company and the way of installation and prices in the current market to provide what can be provided services for the benefit of the client, and also determine the price and space required to install the original
When the decision is made to install a home elevator, a representative of the selling company will be assigned to the elevators. The elevator area will be determined by the house area and the empty place where the installation will be carried out, and therefore the consumption of the elevator will be determined by the energy and electricity it will need.
Where it is known that the minimum consumption of electricity in the standby mode is 15 watts
No more than a computer or television house, and the most important things after that is the space that will be occupied by the elevator from the total area of ??the house
Therefore, there are five different sizes for the home elevator, some of them are small and suitable for limited spaces and some are large and suitable if you have more space
The times when the elevator needs to be maintained:
The elevator must be maintained at least once a year to ensure safety elevator, where this maintenance is carried out by a company specializing in maintenance, have engineers and trained workers with high experience and implement this maintenance in the first place to ensure the work of the elevator and must be sure of All equipment is in good condition
How to install the elevator:
The elevator is installed in a few days only and is handled by a certified installation specialist from the company so that the client is fully confident that the completion of the work at the highest level of quality to ensure the elevator from the fears of sudden landing and sudden parking, because the elevator is a risk there may be many people are experiencing problems elevator Domestic and there are many stories that the person is subjected to sudden parking or landing or mechanical failures, so that some suffer from the phobia electrical elevator and resort to the use of stairs for fear of ascending the elevator
As these problems can be easily eliminated where there is a device to protect the elevators from the risk of landing or elevation or parking automatically This invention relates to the protection of lifts from sudden errors that occur in the operating system and includes a control circuit to give a synchronous signal when the error occurs, and this new innovation An individual can forget the fears of electric elevators completely, and it is interesting to note that this invention coincided with the recording of many events due to power outages and standing elevators that threaten human life in various parts of the world
How to maintain:
The maintenance of the elevator is carried out through the maintenance of technical faults that occur for the elevator, which is facing the elevator control systems from the outside and the control devices in the doors, where the maintenance process is carried out by maintenance engineers specialized in the field of technical faults for electrical elevators, mechanical and electronic to ensure the best service for maintenance and to ensure the operation The elevator is in conformity with the specifications that are agreed upon when contracting the installation of electrical elevator. The maintenance process is based on scientific foundations and fixed steps known to avoid any malfunction or damage, and to preserve the lives of the people, and start the process of detection on the editor And the control panel and the mechanics and determine the location of the holidays and the part to be repaired causing the holidays and is also based on the complaint provided by the person and the cause of the sudden failure and is by way to identify the problem to be resolved and facilitate the process of repair and maintenance of the elevator and the electrical operation must be dismantling the elevator and maintenance and installation again For safety use all components of the engine and the engine and the control panel and the cabins and make sure that the emergency device of the electric elevator, and make sure that it works fully, and there is no malfunction or defect, and make sure that the electricity reaches him properly to avoid the problem,
Reasons to choose a company to install and maintain the elevator:
- The company has extensive experience in the field of elevator installation and maintenance
- The company has a previous successful work and have provided several services in the field of installation and maintenance of the elevator
- The company owns a trained team of highly skilled engineers and trained workers at the highest level, to treat any problem that may affect the elevator more info [url=https://www.fatakat-a.com]fatakat[/url]
- [url=https://www.fatakat-a.com/%D8%A7%D9%82%D9%88%D9%89-99-%D8%B4%D8%B1%D9%83%D8%A9-%D8%AA%D9%83%D9%86%D9%88%D9%84%D9%88%D8%AC%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%AE%D9%84%D8%A7%D9%84-2018.html]The company[/url] has the latest capabilities and latest technology in elevator maintenance
- The prices of the company should be suitable and suitable for all persons in the maintenance of the elevator, and maintenance of any faults may occur to him

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