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Hosiana was born November 12, 1999. As an Albino, she faces a specific danger in such a rural community and without a strong family to care and protect her, Hosi was brought to RVCV. Hosiana is a Standard 7 student at Gyetighi School and is enrolled in our Kids Living with Relatives (KLR) Program at RVCV. Hosiana spends after school, weekends and school holidays at RVCV. RVCV supplies Hosiana with food, clothing, medical care and anything else that is vital to Hosianas wellbeing.

Despite a difficult background, Hosiana has risen above her surroundings. What Hosiana lacks in academics is more than made up for in her beautiful singing voice, where she leads the school choir. Hosiana spends her free time in Manyara House, where she is appreciated for her sunny disposition.

Update: Hosiana completed Form Four and started college at Tropical Training Institute! After enjoying a graduation trip to the beach with Mama India and the other graduates, Hosi attended a week- long MBA course, driving school and a computer class. She will complete a one-year degree in front office administration and beverage services before pursuing a career in Tanzania's thriving tourism industry. Hosi is incredibly outgoing and a hard worker, which will serve her well in her future career. It is also why she has many friends throughout our village and the community. She loves to dance to hip hop music, cooking and convincing volunteers to run up really steep hills!


  • National Exam Coming!

    Hosiana's National Exam is just around the corner and she is racing toward the finish line to graduation! She has had some serious health issues with ulcers, but she seems to be improving lately. She recently attended a special albino clinic, which we are thrilled about, because she now seems to be taking necessary precautions seriously; such as wearing a hat, sunscreen and protective clothing. We are also pleased that she has moved from our Kids Living with Relatives Program to now a permanent resident here at RVCV and we are officially her legal guardians. Hosiana is the life of the party both at school and at the village and is always dancing and performing! [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/3912_7064099963893350821.png[/img][/font]
  • An Update from Hosiana!

    [font=arial, sans-serif]Hosiana is entering her final year of Secondary School. Though she struggles academically, she makes up for it socially and athletically. Despite her condition, she does not let it keep her from living her life. She has many friends at Oldeani Secondary School and is the star soccer player on the team. [/font][font=arial, sans-serif][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/3912_4425539620969516954.png[/img][/font][/font]
  • Tanzanian Children's Fund Student Update!

    Below is an update from the Tanzanian Children's Fund! We're excited to share that her community and her academic success has helped instill confidence within herself! Hosiana passed the Form 2 National Exam! And has started Form 3 at Oldeani Secondary School! We continue to watch Hosiana gain confidence and become more comfortable in her skin. Once reluctant to wear hats and sunscreen, she wears them with a new self-assurance. And why shouldn’t she? She is the best dancer in the room and the best singer in the room. Everyday after school you can hear Hosiana singing in the library, where the kids gather and hold an informal church service. Hosiana has come a long way to find the love and happiness she deserves, and it is exciting to watch grow into the lovely young woman she has become! [img]/images/user/3912_13879224393413676928.jpg[/img]
  • Fall update 2014!

    Soon Hosiana will be sitting the Form 2 National Exam in Tanzania. A student of our partner school, Oldeani Secondary School we have high hopes that she will perform well. We've been partnering with Oldeani Secondary School now for almost a year, there are more teacher's in the classroom and more student's learning. In this improved environment, we think Hosiana will do well! [img]/images/user/3912_3276861852771577661.jpg[/img]
  • Hosiana's First Update of 2014!

    [img]/images/user/3912_2501162283015573223.jpg[/img] Despite social difficulties facing Hosiana as an albino in Tanzania she’s thriving at Oldeani Secondary School. She has recently graduated to Form 2 -- an important year in Tanzania as she’ll have to sit a national exam, the results of which determine ones eligibility to continue on to Form 3! Hosiana had a wonderful Christmas at RVCV, she busted out her ‘moves like Jagger’ along with her girl friends from Kiran house. Together they did a dance routine to a popular band from Nigeria -- P-squared!