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My introduction

Attached is He Ji Kang's first letter to Givology. He is an incredibly handworking and motivated individual who is looking for support to continue his education.

My name is He Ji Kang and I am from the mountains. I am from Amuduozi , a remote village and go to school at Yulong Five School. I am already in the ninth grade and this troubles me because my family is too poor to send me to high school.
There are seven people in my family, but my father is the only one who puts food on the table. My grandma and grandma are getting old and sometimes because their bones hurt, they cannot get out of bed. My grandma has stomach problems and other problems resulting from giving birth; both of their medications cost a lot of money. My aunt was born handicapped and is schizophrenic and her medications also require a lot of money. On top of all that, my mother, who gave birth to me at sixteen years of age, has medical problems related to birth complications and her medications also require a lot of money.
Overall, I’ve borrowed about 20,000 RMB (about $3,000) from the people who live in my village and 10,000 RMB (about $1600) from the bank. I don’t know when I can pay the money back and because I borrowed money from people in my village, I cannot let these people to look down on me. I have to work hard.
Because my family is poor, during breaks I always have to help my parents on the farm. This has taught me to be very hardworking and has also given me more motivation to work harder, to change my family situation and leave these mountains and go out to the world to fight. This dream may not come true, but I will not give up.
There was a time when I thought about not going to school and staying at home to help make money. At the time, my father told me that no matter how poor we were, he would borrow as much money as he could so long as I was willing to go to school. However, given the current financial situation, this is practically impossible.
I’ve always helped my parents make money and studied extremely hard at school so I haven’t had much time to experience happiness, but I am not sad. I believe that my work will pay off.
In any case, no matter how tired I am and no matter how hard I have to work, I will walk down this path and study hard to bring my family and me a better tomorrow.

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