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Attached is He Xiao Zhen's introductory letter and scholarship application. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic student.
My name is He Xiao Zhen. I am fifteen years old and I live in Yunnan Province, Lijiang City, Taian Township, Haixi Village with my mother, father, and younger brother. My parents are farmers and our family does not have investments or properties, so money is scarce and life is hard. My parents do not make much money and for the past few years, Yunnan has been in a drought, making it hard for my parents to earn money.
My family is not like others who can send their children to school without financial help. My father has been sick for the past few years and my mother is the only one working to make money. We have to use our money for food, my father’s medication, and my brother’s and my school tuition. Ever since my father got sick, he has to go to the hospital at least once a year, and we have to spend a great amount of money. On top of all that, my father has to eat medicine every day. My mother works extremely hard in the fields and my father is left at home taking care of the house, so our income has gone down significantly.
I am in the ninth grade and the test that will determine which high school I will get into is upon me. My parents and teachers hope that I can get into a good high school so I have more opportunities and will not end up like my mother who works in the fields every day. I also know that I have to work hard so I won’t disappoint my teachers and parents who have so much invested in me and most importantly, for myself. My mother works alone under the scalding sun in order for my brother and me to go to school. My father tells me every day to go to school, study hard and not cause trouble for my mother. At school, I always have a lot of homework on subjects that range from physics to English and on Saturdays and Sundays I have to help my parents make money. Even thought life has been hard, I know I have to persevere because perseverance is success. Everyone says that going through hardships at a young age is okay so I will work hard.
No matter how hard my life is, I will work hard to get into the high school of my choice so my parents will be proud that their daughter did not fall short of her goals and so that my future will go in a desirable direction. There is not much time left but I will still work extremely hard. This year, my brother will be starting middle school and the both of us going to school along with my father’s medication has increased the burden my mother has to carry. I’ve been extremely worried because I’m not sure if I can keep going to school given the current financial situation. I heard about this organization that helps people like me go to school and so I am more motivated to study harder. I will not disappoint my parents, teachers, all the people who have helped me, and my country.
I’ve always told myself that I have to go to a good school and leave these mountains. I will become a successful person who will do good works, take care of my parents and give back to my teachers, parents, community and country.
Translated by Ru Ping Chen, Givology Team Member.

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