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My July 2018 Update

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Dear Sister Huang,
How time has gone so quickly, the years move back and forth, in the blink of an eye I have already become a college student. I am grateful that you have always helped me, my house is in the countryside, and my family is a single-parent family, there’s only my mother that supports me and my little brother in reading books which is super challenging, one year comes down from depending on mother’s working income was super low, it’s you who fostered aspiration to always help me then told me to study successfully in college.
Studying in college has always been my dream, because I know if I’m not well-educated and don’t have the skills then I would just be the same as mother, working in the countryside doing farm work, or be at the bottom level of society working for others, then early on just marry someone and have children and live, just like my parents, the hardships of life still struggling in life’s mire. However, this is not the life I want, but in you and your cultivated aspirations’ help I went to college.
In college, I met a group that helps each other, play jokes on each other, whose behavior was easygoing and comes from different places, different majors, dorm roommates from different classes, we arranged to do part-time jobs, look at the scenery, and help everyone out while studying. Also, the two girls that come with me and I have a better time with are both just like me, tougher, but in the face of difficulties everyone confronts them together, whoever has difficulties just helps each other, and attend the Students’ Union hardworking helping students section together, we work hard together, in school work we also help each other. In the Students’ Union I have also learned a lot, for example everytime, no matter what, you always have to get there on time, do work never put off cover bearing water, when you run into difficulties you also have to finish the tasks to the best of your abilities, as well as general life skills from the people you get along with……… During the time after school I also went to work a part-time job, for one thing to earn a little bit of money for living expenses, also for after to get ready to enter society.
During studies I work hard, finish studying tasks on time, don’t fail exams, take some certificate exams for example Mandarin etc. At night I usually study by myself and after, with friends, arrange to go running and play badminton.
Later in spring time a new semester starts, bid farewell to mom and little brother and come back to school, little brother also starts school on February 28, he’s learning to cook to learn a skill. Our family of three is quite healthy and doesn’t have major illnesses, so compared to a few years back when dad got sick and passed away sometimes be fearful like that all day.
New semester, new hopes, one hopes their studies make progress, the whole family and everybody, uncle and aunt have good health, life getting better and better, keep on striving, creating happy lives.
Wishing you:
Sister Huang, may you have good health, may you have wonderful happiness in your life, may your whole family enjoy happiness.
He Xiao Zhen
March 2, 2018

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