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The Emmaus Road Foundation is seeking to raise $4,500 in order to ensure that Instituto Buenos Aires remains open for the rest of 2019 and 2020 while other long term alternatives are secured. This critical funding will provide scholarships for 20 elementary school students and relieve poor families who cannot pay monthly tuition. We are seeking sustainable alternatives for the school beyond 2019, as education is of critical importance to breaking the cycle of poverty and preventing youth from involvement with gangs, drugs and violence.


Instituto Buenos Aires is located in Ciudadela Sucre, Municipality of Soacha, an area in Southern Bogota characterized by extreme poverty, an internally-displaced population, social problems, lack of opportunities for its inhabitants, and lack of opportunity for education, decent housing, employment and basic health services. Instituto Buenos Aires was opened in order to combat these issues through education.


Instituto Buenos Aires is located in an area where internally displaced groups arrive after fleeing the armed conflict which takes place in the countryside of Colombia. Instituto Buenos Aires represents a precious opportunity for youth to pursue their formal elementary/high school education. Since this is not a government-sponsored school, it depends on tuition and charitable contributions. Because of the high levels of displacement, lack of jobs and extreme poverty, parents face significant challenges in paying tuition. Instituto Buenos Aires truly works miracles as it continues to offer education with very meager resources.

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