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I am Iberta Lauture, and I am 10 years old. I am from Haiti – my village is Tuff in La Vallee located in the South East of Haiti. Since my dad passed away two years ago, I now live with my mom, a brother, and a sister.

My mom is having a hard time to run the house since she is unused to working. My dad was the head of the household and the main supporter of our family. My mom is relying on some friends sometimes to help us pay for food and tuition. She is trying to run our small family farm, but it is not easy for her. The income is not enough. This year I was very fortunate to start going to school because my aunt paid the tuition for me. Everything is getting tougher for mom.

My dream is to be engineer in the future. With that degree, I will be able to help my mom and get a nice house. But before all, I have to complete my elementary and high school!


  • Update from La Vallee: May 2010

    Below is an excerpt from La Vallee Alliance's most recent newsletter. If you are interested in contributing to their sports uniforms/school supplies drive and/or their school kitchen project, please visit the La Vallee Alliance website here . -- Dear Friends of LaVallee Alliance, Thank you again for your interest and support of our efforts to help the people of LaVallee de Jacmel, Haiti. As you can see from the note from Florine, your donations are making a real difference in the lives of LaVallee students. We have several new projects underway to tell you about! We are excited to be planning our trip to Haiti, scheduled for the second week of June. We have been meeting with key members of the NGO community here in D.C. involved in the Haitian relief efforts and plan to meet with their counterparts in Port au Prince. We hope to partner with these larger organizations, draw attention to our mountainous rural community, and learn from their expertise as we plan our future programs...
  • Note from Iberta

    Givology recently received the following note from Iberta: ------ I am very excited to say hi to you today. I am doing fine even though the aftershocks are still going on. On January 12, I was terrified when the earthquake happened. I have been back in school since March. Our school building has been badly damaged; therefore, we are now using tents as classrooms. My home was also damaged and the land slid into the area where we are living. We should move to a safer place but we can’t afford to do so yet. My mom and I want to say thank you for helping us pay for my tuition. May God help you. Thank you again. --------
  • Update from La Vallee: April 2010

    La Vallee recently provided the following update on the school: --- Antonica shared with us the urgent need of getting the children back to school as quickly as possible. Thanks to all of you, much progress has already been made. Last week we wired funds collected at our event to the team in Haiti, and the next day construction began on a temporary structure to house 610 students at St. Paul’s School. Thanks to donations we have continued to receive over the past several weeks, we were able to send additional funds last week to complete this temporary school building. This means students were able to return to school last week for the first time in over three months. We hope that we can replicate this project for the numerous other schools that have been damaged in LaVallee. Here are pictures of the St. Paul’s School project, showing construction underway and the completed temporary school building. The La Vallee team The students Under construction The need continues to grow as stu...
  • Update from LaVallee de Jacmel, Haiti

    Please click on the link below for an update from the field: LaVallee Update