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Here is what Maribel has to say about Juanita’s development over the school year:

Juanita has a very strong artistic side, and she is very detail-oriented. She is always the last to finish her painting, and she puts a lot of effort into making sure that everything has come out correctly. In the drawing of hers included here, I watched her look at it critically and decide something was still missing; she then added all of the colorful lines.

Although she could always express herself clearly, Juanita did not speak much or open herself up to her classmates and teachers at the beginning of the year. She has gone through a big change in this regard, she now enjoys chatting with everyone and shares stories about what happens to her outside of school. She likes to joke around and be silly with her teachers, and laughter comes easily to her. In other ways her interaction with her classmates has also improved. She shares much more now, which used to be a challenge for her, and she enjoys helping her companions.

After a school meeting about the negative effects of television on a child’s development, her parents decided to remove theirs and Juanita proudly announced to her class that she no longer watches TV. When at home, she enjoys helping her father with his work in the garden, and taking care of the family’s chickens.



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