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My father has passed away, my mother goes out into the city to find work. My mother supports my grandparents, my brother in high school, and myself as the only source of income.


  • Jiang Jiao- August 2020 Update!

    [font=Arial]Hello Givology community! [/font] [font=Arial] My name is Jiang Jiao and I am 14 years old. I currently attend Dai Bu middle school in Dai Bu village, Hui Ze county, Qu Jing city, in Yunnan province. I am a student in Class 173 at my third year of middle school. My father has passed away, leaving my mother on her own to support the whole family. My older brother is 17 years old. He currently in his last year of #1 High School in Hui Ze county and is about to face the most important exam of his life, entrance exam to college. My grandfather on my father’s side had Ischemic Stroke. It is inconvenient for him to walk and every year we need to pay a large fee to cover his medical costs. This year there has been improvement in his health, so he doesn’t need to stay at the hospital anymore. Our family owns no land, so we have to rely on my mother and grandmother to work to earn money.[/font] The year of 2015 was a turning point in my life. Before then, my parents though they d...