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My name is Joy Namubiru, and I live in the village. I will tell you a little about my family. I have one brother Josh, and he is twelve years old. I also have two sisters, Sofia, who is ten, and Jane who is seven. Then there is me. Sometime people think Jane and I are twins because we look a like. My mommy was killed by a group of thieves who thought she had money when she was returning from fetching water at the river. My father was killed in a car accident. I miss my parents very much. My grandpa is a farmer, and my siblings and I help him work in the field. My grandpa loves me very much because I am the youngest. I love my brothers because they make me smile, and we play a lot of games.

I want to go to school, but my grandpa says that we don’t have enough money. He says that we need to buy me shoes first because the school is far away. When the white people came from America, they gave me a skirt and flip flops. I love my flip flops because they are my first pair of shoes, and they are so nice that I only wear them on Sundays to church. I love Grandma Amina because she always brings me gifts from the city, too. I can’t wait to go to school in January and learn. I will work as hard as I can in school because when I grow up I want to be a pilot. I always like watching the planes come. When I am a pilot, I will fly up to God and ask him to give the people of my village all that they need but don’t have. Then God’s gifts will fall from the sky and help my friends and family.

Note: Circle of Peace School is a private school serving orphans and other children unable to afford the costs of attending public schools. As such, it receives no funding from public resources. Located in a suburb of Uganda’s capital city Kampala, the school is in a highly urban setting and must pay for water and sanitation services as well as teacher salaries and facilities. School Supplies include a school uniform, other clothing (underwear and after school clothing), hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, haircuts, etc) medical care, transportation, and entertainment (sports equipment, musical instruments). Educational materials include text books, lights for studying at night, pencils, paper, etc. Room and board includes bedding, three meals a day seven days a week, and 24/7 adult supervision.


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