Hi Everyone!

My name is Joyce, and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Givology. Welcome to our community! Please message me if you have any comments and suggestions, or would like to get involved with our cause. We encourage you to blog, message, and connect to other Givologists, and would be delighted if you want to join us!

At Givology, we believe that the education philanthropy should be an interactive, community effort. In particular, we'd like to highlight the importance of:

- Reading student and project updates
- Utilizing our messaging function to send a message of support to the students and projects that you sponsor
- Following our "Notes from the Field" blog to learn more about the research our fellows are conducting around the world
- Considering volunteering for our organization, whether you have 5 minutes or 15 hours to spare!

As a bit about me, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. Then, I spent the next two years at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. My site is here:

Welcome to our community! We're really passionate about education and are happy to have you here with us!


  • Happy Thanksgiving! (Day 1 of 10)

    Happy Thanksgiving! As we launch our 10 days for 10 years campaign on this day of thanks, we wanted to express our deep gratitude for all your support. We’ve been able to help our students and schools around the world only because of YOU - our volunteers and our supporters. When we started Givology 10 years ago, our vision was to create an online giving community that would support high-impact grassroots education projects around the world. We wanted to create a movement where small dollars and small hours of volunteering can aggregate into a powerful force of change. We believed that no matter if you were a big donor or small donor, everyone deserves transparency and honesty in how funds are being used. We also believed that time is just as valuable as money - that everyone has something to give, and in that process of giving back, the self discovery and compassion that emerges inspires others to act and give. In looking back on the last 10 years, while we are proud that we have cr...
  • Happy New Year 2018!

    As we start the new year, we cannot help but reflect upon how far we’ve come and how incredible our volunteers are. Givology is still 100% volunteer-driven, which means that the funds we raise go directly and transparently to our supported education projects and students. While others may have doubted that Givology could keep growing when not a single person takes salary like most non-profit organizations of our size, here we are today, almost 10 years later. We’d like to thank all our volunteers across local high schools, colleges, and community chapters, as well as individual interns, volunteers, and fellows. It’s been amazing to see how much each person can contribute with consistent volunteering. In aggregating volunteer hours across our full volunteer base, we’re able to accomplish our campaigns and raise awareness and funding for our grassroots partners. [b]Projects[/b]: 2017 was a year of experimentation with regards to our marketing and fundraising initiatives. Here are a fe...
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  • Givology Impact Series - Effective Ways of Giving

    [b]How can you give more effectively?[/b] [b][url=]Click here to listen to our ~7 minute Givology impact series podcast[/url].[/b] [b][Transcript][/b] Andrew Tisch at a recent meeting of the Board of Advisors to the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative said, No one gives away money as intelligently as they made it. While large foundations have the ability to conduct rigorous due diligence on financial and social impact, there are still many steps an individual donor can take to give more effectively. Here at Givology, we spent a lot of time thinking about maximizing impact per dollar and curating our grassroots partnership network to present to our supporters highly effective grassroots education causes around the world. While we wont go into examples specific to our organization today and our process for screening projects, here are our top 4 tips that any individual donor can benefit fr...
  • #myfavoriteteacher - your story to enable theirs

    We are excited to launch our [b]#myfavoriteteacher [/b]back to school campaign! This campaign gives you an opportunity to help our Givology students directly by making a pledge or simply participating. [b]How it works:[/b] Each of us has stories and memories of how teachers have made a difference in our lives. Share your stories, pictures, videos, and/or thoughts with @Givology on [url=]Facebook[/url], [url=]Instagram[/url], and/or [url=]Twitter [/url]tagged with [b]#myfavoriteteacher.[/b] Tag 3 friends to spread the word and maximize your impact! [b]For each response that we get, we receive a pledge from our donors[/b]. By sharing your story, you'll help us support our students and teachers around the world. In addition, [url=]if you would like to sign up for a pledge, please visit here[/url].