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Special Mother Day Campaign - Givology Giveaway

[b]Our mothers play such an important role in our lives. [/b]Not only does a mother's love nourish her family and children, but mothers are at the heart of their children's education. Studies have shown that around the world, the more educated the mother, the healthier the child. Empowered mothers result in more educated, successful children. In the developing world, when mothers work, they invest 90% of their earnings back into their family (compared to 35% for men).

[b]In celebration of mothers around the world, Givology will be giving out a Greentag wallet for every donation $50 and above until Mother's Day[/b] (Sunday, May 10th). By giving a Givology gift certificate to your mother or making a donation on her behalf, you give a gift that keeps on giving in supporting children and families around the world.

Greentag wallets are made from 100% recycled excess jacket trimmings and fabric sourced from manufacturers in the Los Angeles fashion district. We're excited to launch this giveaway campaign in support of mothers and their families around the world!


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