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Launching our #GiveInspiration Instagram Challenge!

[b][color=#009900]#Givspiration: Our Instagram Contest [/color][/b]
[i]July 17th-August 27th 2013[/i]
[/i] [b]Rules: [/b]
[ul][li]One Instagram Submission per person[/li][li]Photos must be of summer 2013 volunteering & Service[/li][li]Any organization is accepted in photos [/li][li]Spread the word to your friends [/li][/ul] [b]
[ul][li]One $500 Grand Prize – A scholarship named in the winner’s honor to be donated to a student’s education through givology[/li][li]Two $200 Runner Ups – Gift Cards to be used to donate to a student’s education through givology[/li][li]Chance to be featured as an Instagram Givologist of the week during the contest[/li][/ul][b]All 3 winners will be featured in spotlights on our website![/b]
[ul][li][b]How do I submit my entry?[/b] [i]Simply by posting photos of your volunteering on your Instagram account and tagging [b]#givspiration [/b]as well as [b]@givology[/b][/i][/li][li][b]What are the judging rules?[/b] [i]The judging rules are simple, in fact. Whoever has the most votes by the end is the winner! We select “Instagram Givologist’s of the Week” every Friday during the contest based on how impactful the photo is in helping other people. [/i][/li][li][b]When does this contest end?[/b] [i]The contest is in full swing until August 27th![/i][/li][li][b]What do I win as Grand Prize?[/b] [i]Grand Prize is a scholarship that you are awarded of $500 to donate to a student of your choice in a developing country through Givology. You will receive a certificate stating your amazing impact of volunteering and scholarship. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will be in a featured article on Givology’s website and social media. [/i][/li][li][b]What are the 2 runner-up prizes? [/b][i]These 2 prizes are $200 gift certificates for you to donate to a student through Givology. Also, these winners will have a brief article on Givology’s website and social media. [/i][/li][li][b]Why should I join this contest? [/b][i]You should submit your photos ASAP to double your volunteer efforts and change the world! [/i][/li][/ul]
For more information: [i]Contact Allison Zaucha at[/i]


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