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Thanking our Givology Fellows

Our Givology Fellows serve as the "ears and eyes" of our community. They visit our partners in the field, conduct research about education in the developing world, and write about the lessons and discoveries they make in our Notes from the Field Journal. Since not all of us have the opportunity to travel, the blog entries and reflections of our fellows are really important in shedding light on some of the most difficult challenges in providing access to quality education. Please visit our fellowships page if you are interested in becoming a Givology fellow.

Below, you can find some short bios of our fellows, as well as a link to their journals:

Summer 2009:
Xin Xin: Xin Xin visited tsunami-stricken rural Sri Lanka. Her journal and photos provide an insider's look into efforts in education post-crisis and the indomitable spirit of mankind.

Katie McCabe: Katie traveled to Allahabad, India to support the work of the Society of Underprivileged People (SOUP), an organization that rehabilitates children who have been trafficked. Her work highlighted the challenges of addressing poverty holistically and the value of educating girls.

Siler Bryan: Siler traveled to Cameroon in support of the "One Laptop per Child" initiative. Working with one of Givology's partners - United Action for Children - Siler brought 100 of XO Laptops to a village in the southwest province of Cameroon and implemented an educational program

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