Joyce Meng's Blog

Introducing our Supporters

Givology is made possible by the time, skill, and funding of our supporters.

Joyce Su: [From Danielle, our Translation Coordinator] I just wanted to thank Joyce Su of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for her outstanding work as a Givology translator! While all of our translators have been extremely helpful in facilitating communication with our students, I think Joyce deserves special recognition for being especially dependable and always eager to volunteer her services. She is also a member of a team of students who have taken the initiative to found a Givology chapter at their university. We are very happy to have Joyce as a member of Givology's volunteer network!

Other translators include: Sophie Jin, Xinyuan Shang, Jessie Sun, Yu Zhang, Mary Ma, Xiaochun, and the Princeton University Language Project (PULP)

Alex Yen: As a member of the founding Technology team, Alex played an integral in the design and layout of our site. Without Alex, we wouldn't have been able to get our site launched so quickly in September 2008!

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