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Focus on Teachers: Lee Jianjun, Founder of Human Body Engineering

Day 9: Lee Jianjun, Founder of Human Body Engineering

Lee Jianjun was born in the fifties in Xian, an ancient city in China. He is the maternal grandson of Zhao Runsheng, a well-known Confucian scholar in Chinese history.

Born with an extraordinary capability, Lee Jianjun has mastered the concept of yin & yang, the two opposing principles in nature like feminine and masculine or negative and positive and covers every phenomenon on earth. Lee Jianjun has studied Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, the Eight Diagrams of Changes, the Five Elements of yin & yang, physiognomy, geomancy and astrology. He is also quite knowledgeable in modern medical science, meteorology, geography, physics, psychology and human relations. By combining all this learning together, he has come up with his own systematic theory and his own school of thought. Lee Jianjun is the creator as well as master of "Human System Engineering Science" in China. He has since become the personal adviser and consultant, mainly based on his theory of physiology, fortune and environment, to the top leaders of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

(Taken from Lee Jianjun's website)

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