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A Message About Messaging

As many of you know, the most unique factor about Givology is that donors can directly message our students and read their updates online regularly. You can form real relationships with the students, acting as mentors and sharing stories about your life. Simply by telling a student a little about yourself, your family, or your job, you are opening their minds to new ideas and inspiring them to work hard and stay in school. A student is simply less likely to become disengaged from school and drop out if she knows that people all over the world sincerely want her to continue her education.

Our goal over the next few months is simple:
one letter per child.

We want each and every student on Givology to know that we care, not just as a faceless organization, but as fellow and former students.

To learn more about messaging and our letter campaign, please visit Nicole's blog post, which highlights details and suggestions to get started

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