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Give Inspiration: Katie Clancy, Community Organizer and Colectivo 473 Founder

[b]Video Transcript[/b]
[b]What inspires you?[/b]
I live and work in a city called Guanajuato, Mexico, and my organization is called Colectivo T.A.N 473. We are a community arts organization of all volunteers, educators, and local artists. The thing that inspires me the most is going completely against all odds. It's when a project is set up, and it's to incorporate a lot of different individuals and artists that maybe have never worked in that situation, and children that have never explored a media, and in a neighborhood that doesn't normally receive this type of attention or these sorts of opportunities.
Of course it can be arduous at times, but what's so inspiring and keeps me going is when it all works, when it all comes together, it's truly magical creation. Someone told me that my life is nothing but beautiful chaos, and I'm not happy if it's not, and I think that's probably a good definition. If things are too calm, I don't feel inspired, but really pushing things to the edge and pushing everybody else to their limits as well, and then seeing what sort of creation can happen out of that.
We're not making little artists. We use art as the vehicle for a lot of other really important lessons, and one of that is problem solving. I feel like being creative is the key to success in a lot of people's lives. Being a creative thinker and being able to problem solve is a skill that everyone can use without doubt.
[b]About Katie[/b]: Katie Clancy is the founder of Colectivo 473 in January 2009. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Clancy studied Art Education and Photography and spent several years working in both fields. After teaching and learning for three years at the Soulard School, a progressive, qualitative research based private school in the City of St. Louis she decided to relocate to Guanajuato in September of 2009. With the goal of focusing more on creating photo projects and artwork of her own and learning the language and culture, she quickly was introduced to Buen Pastor and was inspired to return to her role as an educator by creating an art program with the girls. She now continues this love of community-based learning through art in various projects that are taken place throughout several neighborhoods in the city of Guanajuato.

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