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Give Inspiration: David Dietz, Founder of Modavanti

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[url=]We wanted to create a social impact through fashion. [/url]We are kinda on the edge, on the cusp, of the sustainable fashion movement. So we want to lead that movement, we want to do that... Fashion is such a huge industry; it employs 1:7 people in the world are connected to textiles. So it’s such an important area where we can do a lot of good through what we wear.
Before I started I was actually a journalist covering the Arab Spring so as my friends like to joke I went from the Arab spring to the Spring collection. I’m inspired by designers that are producing here locally and also designers that are using recycled materials and that are finding creative ways to reuse and re-purpose waste.
We have to change how we consume. We have to be more conscious about where we buy things and where they’re made. We’re trying to be stylish and sustainable because at the end of the day people are drawn by style.
Everyone wants to look good. We work with our designers that we feel fit that. Designers that you wouldn't realize were organic or recycled. You would say “Oh, I like that top, I love that dress.” Then you pick up the dress and look at the tag you learn the story behind it and you learn that it was made in the US and employs 10 other Americans or you realize the item is fair-trade from Ghana.
But we realize the fashion has to be on-trend before anything else. We sell sustainable clothing but we also give 2% of each sale to three partnering charities. We chose charity water because they’re bringing clean water and fashion is one of the biggest contributors to polluting waters and streams. We chose nest because they support women artisans in developing countries. And the third one is actually a fellow startup. She’s committed to doing this kick starter for fashion, but the designers who get selected on her site will have to produce in America and use organic materials. There’s such an amazing opportunity to reuse what we already created. I want to stay in business that has that social mission.

About David: David is the founder of Modavanti, a premiere online destination for socially conscious fashion through the entire supply chain. Heralded as one of the most “influential fashion companies of the 21st century”, Modavanti leverages consumerism with a cause to change the world. Prior to starting his company, David worked in the Middle East as a writer for PolicyMic, in which he covered the Arab Spring revolutions in five countries and contributed to the WSJ, Economist Magazine, and Al Jazeera English.

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