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Give Inspiration: Bernie Quah, Founder of SketchPost Studios

[b]Video Transcript:[/b]
What sketch notes or what is professionally referred to as professional recordings is actually visually recording a talk by a speaker. Every illustrator has a different style. And that’s what kind of makes new little design niche interesting.
I like to do arrows. There’s no real linear format. It started out to be a bit messier and I did it for myself, but eventually through progress I kind of created a better layout. It looks like a graphic art in the ends of just plain-note taking that you usually see. I kind of fell into it by accident, but I’m glad I did cause I found something that makes me happy and something that just feels effortless.
I’m inspired by events that I go to, what the speaker says, some of the speakers that I see at events are actually people that I admire. Taking visual notes is kind of like my ticket to having a one-on-one talk with them. Usually when I see, kind of show my raw sketch notes to a speaker just after they come off stage, they are like “Oh!” They are really surprised. Then some of them are like “What is this witch-craft that you practice? Did you just take this?” That’s also encouraging for me to keep on going, to keep on improving as well.
I like to put a summary of the event into an artwork. It helps in a way of educating people on certain subjects. It’s understandable for people from every different background even someone who doesn’t understand English could understand the content of what the event was about. The art that I create through sketches is kind of like a gift that I share with everyone else. I think most artists and designers feel that way about their work. It’s just that they put part of themselves out there and hope that it kind of inspires and helps other people understand things or see things in a different way. So that’s what I see design as. It’s a very natural thing that you can’t really explain exactly why you do it or how you learn to do it, but it just happens. Then if it has a positive effect on other people, I think that’s really a gift on it’s own. It’s kind of like an obligation (the gift) to share it with other people.

[b]About Bernie[/b]: Bernie is from Malaysia and holds a Degree in Interior Architecture and Design. She enjoys working on graphic recordings and sketchnotes that simplifies complex ideas to engage people, making ideas stick. She is the founder of SketchPostStudio, which transforms ideas and words into real-time, hand-drawn visuals that brighten up brainstorming sessions and events. [url=]Check out her projects here[/url]:

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