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Partnership with Khaya Cookie Company

We are extremely pleased to announce a partnership with the Khaya Cookie Company! Perfect for the holiday season, Khaya cookies not only are a tasty treat, but they go a long way to empowering women and local communities in South Africa.

Khaya Cookies has created a special campaign with Givology, in which any online order placed with the coupon code "GIVOLOGY" gives you 20% off AND gives Givology 10% of the sale proceeds!

From Sunday, December 6 through Saturday, December 12, coupon code "FREE" will get you free shipping on all orders!

Khaya Cookie Company has been recognized as an innovative social enterprise! Khaya (K?-ya) is the Xhosa word for home. The company's home is deep in the winelands of South Africa. From the farmers who grow the organic fruits to the artisan bakers who meticulously blend each small batch, the purpose is to make irresistibly great cookies while supporting and creating sustainable opportunities for the local community.

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