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Givology Partnership Updates

Two exciting updates from our partnerships team:

1) Introducing our newest partner - La Vallee Community of Haiti

La Vallee is a village located in the southeastern part of Haiti. The current challenges for La Vallee are many. The recent storms of 2008 have all but destroyed many of their sources of income, including mango and avocado trees and many small gardens. In 1976, the people of La Vallee organized to form a cooperative organization called "Coude a Coude pour le Development de La Vallee" (CODEVA). CODEVA was established to help focus and direct the development of La Vallee. One of the most important issues facing the parents of La Valle, besides access to clean water and food for their children, is the ability to pay for their children’s education. Givology has entered into a partnership with the community to support student scholarships.

2) Emmaus Road Foundation Releases its Annual Report

The Emmaus Road Foundation has released its 2009 Annual Report.

Givology is delighted to support the work of Emmaus Road Foundation and congratulate our partner for its many achievements in 2009 in enabling and empowering communities throughout Colombia.

To learn more about the Emmaus Road Foundation and contribute to the education of the students they support, please visit our partner's page and begin viewing student profiles!

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