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Givology Chapter Impact - Canyon Crest Academy

Each month, we hope to highlight a different chapter! This week, we're spotlighting the Chapter at Canyon Credit Academy High School!


Founded in October of 2009, the Canyon Crest Academy High School Chapter of Givology, called “The Raven Conspiracy” as a Giving Team, has already been extremely active and passionate as an organization on campus.

In December, the chapter sold holiday bread, old books and clothing, bake sale items, and provided face painting and live guitar as entertainment at the annual sweep meet at their high school. In total, they raised $182 to donate to Givology. Not only did the event get the members of the chapter more excited about giving, but also raised awareness for their cause.

One of the chapter’s long-term projects has been forming a partnership with a school identified in India by Manita Singh, the Chapter President. Because her family is primarily from India, it has been easy for her to visit the school. Manita says, “I have experienced firsthand the depth of the poverty and lack of education to children who really want to learn. I noticed that Givology has only one partnership with a school in India. I then embarked on a quest trying to find schools in India who want to be affiliated with Givology and fit the criteria of an eligible partnering school.” With a week, Manita has already had several leads with missionaries, government officials, and direct phone numbers.

The Givology Chapter at Canyon Crest Academy has been extremely active so far and we are incredibly excited to see what they will be working on next!

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