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Supporting the Turning Point Trust

Givology welcomes its newest partner, the Turning Point Trust!


Turning Point works in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera, Kenya, to relieve poverty, transform lives and restore hope amongst acutely vulnerable children and their families. They work by invitation from the local slum community and are driven by the needs of individual children and their families. Turning Point offers a holistic range of programmes which provide children with access to education, healthcare and regular meals, in addition to providing them with psycho-social support. The organization also operates pioneering prevention projects aimed at supporting families, promoting independence and working towards financial self-sufficiency.

Turning Point Trust started their work in Kibera on March 3rd 2003, providing a simple feeding programme and access to education. Since that time, due to many successes, the organization has grown both in size and the scope of programmes they offer. Turning Point currently supports over 370 children and their families through a wide range of programs.

An introduction to Turning Point's work in Kibera

Hear what beneficiaries have to say about Turning Point Trust!

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