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Givology and More than Me Raise $21,000 for the "I Promise Project"

The NYC chapter of Givology held a fantastic fundraiser in support of More than Me's "I Promise Project".

Here's a letter from Kevin Kim, one of our dedicated chapter members.


Hello everyone-

A Night of Promise was a great success, and we couldn’t have done it without your help! The evening was action packed. People were tearing up the dance floor all night long to the impeccable beats of DJs Sammy the Lost Boy and Han Dienasty. The More Than Me and Givology networks were chatting up a storm and getting to know one another. The auction was absolutely exciting thanks to our great MC Skip Borghese and the incredible donations from the Borghese family, Oakes family, and Loews Hotels. And there was copious amounts of alcohol flowing throughout the night because of our great sponsors Wodka, Radeberger, and Baccardi.

We are all so glad that everyone had so much fun while contributing to such a great cause! We raised over $21,000 for More Than Me’s I Promise Project, which will help us to fund an after school center in Liberia. Through your ticket purchases and donations we will be able to give young girls a place where they can be mentored and learn vocational skills. More importantly, the center will provide a safe place for the girls to go after their classes.

When we began planning A Night of Promise in early December, I couldn’t have imagined that the event would be as successful as it was. I had only been helping More Than Me for a handful of months and been a member of Givology’s NYC chapter for even less time. While helping to plan A Night of Promise, I have gotten to know both organizations so much better and have been incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of the individuals involved. Everyone pitched in where they could and the sum of our work helped to create a really great evening. I’m glad that I got involved and encourage you to do the same.

Thanks again everyone, and a special shout out to our sponsors and volunteers!


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