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Podcast about Givology: Knowledge@Wharton

Recently, Catherine Gao, our Chief Development Officer and Maria Davydenko, our Chief Creative Officer, were featured on a Knowledge@Wharton Podcast. Catherine and Maria explain our strategy and our vision.
Please check it out at Knowledge@Wharton!
Givology: Using Social Networks to Connect Education with the Developing World
Published:Feb 18, 2009 || Duration: 00:09:05
Nine months ago, a group of Wharton students launched an online site called, whose purpose is to raise money for scholarships and education projects in the developing world. Givology's vision, according to chief development officer Catherine Gao, is that of a global community of individuals connected through their belief in the power of education to change people's lives. The group, which so far has attracted more than 200 lenders, has partnerships in China, India, Uganda, Ecuador and Kenya. Gao and Maria Davydenko, the site's chief creative director, spoke with Knowledge@Wharton about Givology and why they each donate more than 10 hours a week to this project.

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