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What does education give?

[b]What does education give?[/b]
[b] From May 13, 2012 to August 30, 2012[/b], [b]we’re looking for your response! Send a photo of your answer to @Givology on Facebook and Twitter, and we get 25c from a sponsor for every picture that we receive online[/b]. We’ll then add your responses to our flickr photostream – our goal is to get 10,000 responses! [url=]Check out our archive of photos to see the ruminations of hundreds of people from all ages and backgrounds thus far[/url].
We wanted to ask this question since often times, we take education for granted. For me, [b]education gives empowerment[/b] – made me feel like I could start an organization like Givology, to take economic and personal risks without fear, and to understand and fully engage the world. In this hyper connected world, it’s now so easy to give the gift of education to students around the world, and to raise awareness locally for an impact globally.
To kick off the campaign, the NYC chapter headed out to Battery Park on May 12th to spread public awareness about Givology and our education gives campaign. Admittedly, accosting strangers is not a terribly comfortable thing to do (especially in NYC…as you can imagine, people tend to be skeptical). Regardless, with the beautiful weather and spring around the corner, we encountered some truly terrific people who contributed thoughtful answers. We gave out candy and Givology bracelets, had live music from a fantastic violinist (thanks Joe!), and overall, had a great time chatting to both residents and tourists alike.
We got some truly interesting responses, from a funny guy who wrote “education gives…snarky answers” to a precocious child who wrote “education gives…me confidence in knowing something that my friends don’t”. Overall, it was nice being outside to share Givology’s mission and our “education gives” campaign. Through the two days outside canvassing, we estimate that we probably raised about ~$200 – not much funding in aggregate, but we had a chance to speak with hundreds of people and bond together as a chapter.
Anyway, we’re going to be outside one more time in June at Castle Clinton in Battery Park City, this time as a joint campaign with 10x10. Even if you’re not in the NYC area, you can still help us reach out 10k target by sending us a photo response of your answer to “education gives”.
Check out this video to see an archive of the last event.

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