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Update: April 10, 2009

Respected Givology Uncles and Aunts,

Hello! I was ecstatic to receive you letter, I was further excited when I received your tuition funds. At the same time I would like to thank each Uncle and Aunt's concern for my family.

Regarding my family, this year there have been no major hardships. However our income has been the same as past years, my parents, as always, work hard to pay for my younger sister and brother's tuitions. But my parents have full confidence in us, wanting us to use schooling to change our futures. Right now in school, my life is pretty good, because my teachers, fellow classmates, and I all get along harmoniously, and there is also the caring of all the Givology sponsors.

Currently, I am most interested in English. While there are other classes, English is my favorite, I don't particpate in much else. Regarding my future plans, I really just want to perfect my english. I feel that if I am fluent in English, I can connect with the rest of the world. I could also earn more money when I get older, as well as join all of you and help other students.

Alright, this is all I wanted to tell Uncles and Aunts at this time. I would like to wish all the aunts and uncles:
Smooth tidings with your jobs and good health!

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