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Thank You

Dear Givology:
I am a student who you have donated to. Under your love and donation, I finished High School and received an offer from the college I was hoping to attend. I want to say thank you to you.
In my last year of middle school, I could not fall asleep every night because I was thinking about my family and whether I should go to high school or not. Sometimes I dreamed about winning a lottery or if my school would excuse my tuition. I was like a lonely walker in darkness who always seemed to get lost. But all of a sudden, a light shined upon me and enlightened my life and warmed my heart. That winter I forgot about the coldness and concentrated on study and the name of that light was Peach Foundation. Peach Foundation gave me hope and supported me with courage.
I made it into high school yet it seemed unreal to me. I am growing into adulthood and there are more problems than often appear. Sometimes I totally lost myself. However, when I remembered your love for me, I was filled with valor again and stood up to face the challenge. Givology, it was you who made me believe that life was not hard and that I was able to conquer it just by never retreating. Thank you. So please believe that I will face my future with the love you have given me.
In the end, I want to bring you my most sincere gratitude and blessing! Thank you.
Zhou Jiang

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