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The Kinspire Scholars Fund is a fund to support students in our partner child care institutions with their higher education expenses and ensure that they have the financial support they need to pursue careers of their choice. There is a competitive process to select candidates for this scholarship and they are required to follow up with donors to demonstrate their ongoing need as well as their commitment to the chosen career.

Scholar Eligibility
Students must be registered in a CCI
Students must be in high school (10th-12th standards at the time of application)
Students must have a field of interest and be in a program of at least 3 months
Any gender, ethnicity, religion, and caste
Grades must be 75% or higher overall

Merit-based selection is determined on the strength of statement of interest, references, interview, and extracurriculars/other general facets of the applicant.


This is a new initiative by Kinspire with the scholarship fund to be renewed annually


Kinspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed to support the educational and career aspirations of children in child care institutions (CCIs) in India. Current efforts have included the creation of programs to support the children's English, leadership and professional skills. A main component of the children's success also includes scholarship for formal education. Many of the children in our partner CCIs attend government schools during the early years of their schooling. As they transition to upper years of schooling (inter-college and beyond), these students have higher financial needs to pursue the careers of their choice.
Through a competitive application process, Kinspire will select five eligible students from each partner CCI (10 students in total) and provide them the funds they need for specified educational programs.

Team Credentials

Kinspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is incorporated in the state of Washington. The team working on this project is a subgroup of Kinspire's leadership team consisting of two executive directors, director of programs, director of finance and director of external relations.