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My mother has been very sick for a year, my brother has a broken finger that interferes with his work. My parents are both farmers but the harvest has been steadily decreasing.


  • Hello Givology community! - Kong Jing

    Dear Givology community, My name is Kong Jing, a 15 year old middle schooler. I come from the YunNan province. Currently, I am a sixth grader at the Da Jing Middle School. My parents are both farmers and harvest land. My older brother is in a different city trying to work. On rainy days, our leaking roof lets in water and we hurriedly have pails to catch the rain. Our family’s yearly income is barely enough to account for basic needs. Every year, we rely on selling pigs to make up our income. Sometimes, we sell some red peppers for extra money. At home, we have an old TV. My father is the only one with a phone. In middle school, every winter, I suffer greatly. Other people have several warm jackets yet I silently freeze in my barethin clothes. I shiver from the cold and my hands are red from frostbite. I only have a couple pairs of clothes. When they’re ripped or have holes, I ask my mom to mend them, and continue to wear them again. Whenever I’m sick, we can never go to the hospita...