• Schools in the Volta Region of Ghana

    As an Educator, I believe that every child deserves the chance to learn. However, this is simply not the case in many areas of the world. I was fortunate enough to travel as a volunteer to Ghana, Africa in 2008 and 2009. While there, I met some of the happiest children I have ever taught. Despite their lack of a proper classroom, supplies or basic furniture, each child was eager to learn. Throughout my travels in Ghana, I have seen the disparity in educational facilities. Some villages have dilapidated structures functioning as a school, some hold school under a tree, and others have makeshift rooms made of boards and tin leaning against a tree. With such undesirable school structures, it is difficult to attract and keep government appointed teachers in the villages. As a Givology Fellow, I will return to Ghana, Africa this June to research and document the current educational conditions in the Volta Region. In addition, I plan to help make education a reality for the children in th...