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My family lives in a village, my parents are farmers and my brother is in the city for work.


  • Hello Givology community!

    Dear Givology community, My name is Kong Wei Xiang, a middle schooler from the YunNan province. My house resides in a small village. We have two dilapidated wooden rooms, my parents are farmers. Every year, we rely on my mother to grow potatoes and corn for survival. Sometimes, when we can’t even pay the basic book fees, I decided that I would no longer go to school. Yet, my parents adamantly refused. They would do anything for me to continue my education. After that, I would never say I would no longer go to school again. In 2014, as my family and I were excitedly preparing for the new year celebrations, our only phone brought us bad news. My brother’s left foot had broken from a car accident. My parents were scared and borrowed a car to find my brother. They accompanied him to the hospital in the city. I was sent to a nearby aunt to spend the new year. When I saw the happiness and warmth of their family, I began to silently cry. Because we couldn’t have enough money to pay for my ...