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My parents are both farmers, almost all of their income is spent on my brother and I's education expenses.


  • Hello Givology community! - Li Bo

    Dear Givology community, My name is Li Bo, I was born on April 30th, 2005. When i was very young, I broke my right hand twice. The first time, I accidentally fell down the stairs. The second I fell while climbing a mountain. In elementary school, because my family was too poor to provide adequate food, I was much smaller and slimmer than the other kids. I was bullied frequently because of my size. I was sad and lonely which affected my grades drastically. In third grade, I saw how my parents sacrificed so much for me everyday. I started to study harder, studying until midnight as an elementary schooler. My grades slowly improved under these conditions. In fourth grade, my parents were both struck by sickness. Our income dwindled further. I snuck out of school to see if my parents were okay. My grandparents were on the edge of their death bed as my father rushed back to see them. Our financial stability worsened as we went to sleep hungry every night. In sixth grade, we lost access t...