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My name is Li Dao, and I live in the village of Pao Ma Ping, Nin Lang County, in the Yun Nan Province. Our family has 7 members, and I am the 3rd among my siblings line-up. Both of my two older brothers and younger sister are attending school still, and the only source of income comes from the labor of my parents. We manage to survive with what we can afford barely. My parents insist we all attend school despite the difficulty.

I can still vividly remember the first time I walked into our school – a house built with mud and bamboos. It’s quite common in our area to have mud and bamboo house due to poverty. I spent two years there and then I moved on to a much better school. When I first step into the new school, I could feel so much difference. When I saw other students with new cloth on, I began to make a fuss and crying out loud. My parents were ashamed. Later I understand my parents better, and my father’s rough hands make me felt my indebt to him.

When I entered 6th grade, I changed to another school, and I had new teacher. One day my new teacher lectured me for failing to solve some simple problems, and it made me ashamed of myself with tears. Since then I swear to improve my learning. On the same year, I made to the honor roll student of our city.

After entering middle school, I understand the purpose of my parents better. I manage to keep up good work, but it did not last long. Without thinking much, while my brothers and sister were still attending school, I decided to drop out and went home. My parents were surprised, staring at me. When I saw the tears in my mother and the blank stare out of shock of my father, I knew I made a wrong decision. They scolded me for my rash decision.

After staying at home for a year, my parents urged me to go back to school, and I agreed. But I failed to enter the magnet high school in the city; instead, I attended Zen-Ho Middle school. Starting afresh, be a student again, I determine to work diligently in school.

With my experience of up and down in schooling, I know one has to decide the goal for himself what to pursue and work towards his goal diligently. There’s no easy road to realize one’s dream, and it takes hard work and focus. I hope to contribute to my country and help my family for my life; like a flower blooming, even though our time may be short, I will become a useful man.


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